2 Strike hitting…

We often make it more difficult than it should be.

Here are some points which helped me a lot cutting down my strike outs.

Also I want you to understand that is has a lot to do with the mental side, your thoughts. If you are up there thinking

  • Man I don’t want to strike out
  • Man I have to hit the ball
  • I hope he doesn’t throw the slider
  • The umpire screwed me on the last call so if I strike out its his fault

If you fill your head with NEGATIVE THOUGHTS there is a greater chance of you striking out instead of just staying with your approach.
I actually took my 2 strike approach which was just trying TO STAY AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE TO THE BALL into my at bats at all times and any counts because I realized that gave me the best chance to square up the ball.
And it made me realize the pitcher supplies the power and I didn’t have to swing so hard anymore. Your swing doesn’t have to be pretty all the time. Put the bat on the ball so you give yourself a chance!

Also ,

Don’t take your at bat out with you to defense.

Which means let it go. Because as soon as you go back out there to play defense your team needs you! Cant be out there thinking about your swing or why you weren’t successful.

Thanks for reading and please tag a friend which loves to take dry swings in the outfield after he had a bad at bat lol