Today I would like to talk about swinging and missing.

First thing first I would like you to understand its ok sometimes to swing and miss and there are times where its not!

I will talk about 2 things in this blog post regarding swinging and missing.


Don’t be afraid to swing and miss early in the count!

I cant even count all the at bats I gave away my last 10 years playing professional baseball by being afraid to swing and miss .

Which means I would go up there and I would commit to swinging the bat before I even go up to the plate which caused me to give away so many at bats I wish I could get back.

I would get a first pitch change up or backfoot slider and when I swing at it , I would be off balance at times or chase low pitches and instead of swinging through the bad pitch I would somehow try to make contact with the pitch. That caused me to role over and or pop up and make me an easy out.

So what I am saying is stick with your approach and if you swing at a bad pitch early in the count its ok to swing and miss so you get at least 2 more chances to get a better pitch.


The other time in which swinging and missing doesn’t sound so good is with 2 strikes.

I will write another post talking about 2 strike hitting tomorrow so stay tuned and if you could share this post with some friends and teammates it would be much appreciated.