Today I would like to talk about superstitions as a ball player on and off the field.

There is not one guy I have played with without any superstitions.

Here are some of mine which I believed would make me perform better.

  • every national anthem I have to sing loud and proud ( any language )
  • my wedding ring has to be on my right hand when I hit
  • if I have a good game I have to eat the same thing which I ate before that game
  • my biggest one was the HITSTACHE

There was always a time a year when things weren’t going my way so I started growing a mean HITSTACHE. It always helped me turn things around and I know it probably has nothing to do with the dirty mustache on my upper lip but I also realized other teams or older players recognize and respect a good old dirty STACHE.


Please share this with someone who knows and respects a good STACHE 🙂